The Grand Pride Ball

Saturday October 30


Celebrate Pride together

at City Hall


A magical evening

from 9pm to 4am

Join us for a magical evening at a unique location

The Grand Bal des Fiertés is the annual flagship charity gala held for the LGBTQI+ community in France.

Held during the Pride Month in June, the Grand Bal des Fiertés takes in the remarkable and historic lounges of the Paris City Hall, the emblematic monument of the French capital.

Inspired by the Vienna Rainbow ball, the Grand Bal des Fiertés is the first LGBTQI + charity event of this magnitude in Paris as well as one of the largest to be held in Europe.

An evening Committed to Fighting against Exclusion

On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the MAG Jeunes LGBT, it is essential that we continue to fight against LGBTQphobia. The Grand Bal des Fiertés is organized by MAG Jeune LGBT to highlight the needs and challenges the LGBTQI + youth face in France, as well as around the world. All the proceeds of the event are donated to local and international efforts in the fight against the exclusion of LGBTQI+ youth in the world.

Dress Code

Robe, tailor, smoking, costume etc.

As long as you come in style, come in whatever pleases you!


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