Alex Ramirès

Alex Ramirès is an actor and comedian. He is currently on tour with his one-man-show “Sensiblement Viril” (Sensitively manly) and has been touring for nearly 2 year ; a show in which he speaks proudly and openly, with a keen sincerity free from prejudices. Meanwhile on the internet, Alex directs “Les Vidéos Low-Cost” (The Low-Cost Videos) : low-budget parodies of cartoons and cult films totalising millions of views across the world

Shirley Souagnon

Shirley Souagnon is a queer comedienne, producer and humorist. After gaining recognition in her standup shows in 2008, she received international stardom two years later by winning the show “On n’demande qu’à en rire. In 2018, she stormed the scene again with her third stand up special, “Monsieur Shirley”.

Leona Winter

Leona Winter is a singer with an impressive career, who rose to prominence after her wonderful run on “The Voice”. As the first drag artist to be graced with the title Miss Europe Continental 2017, Leona won the 6th place in the Miss Continental World Competition, eventually seizing the title of Miss Latina Continental a few days later. She also won “Switch 2” in July 2018, the Chilean competition equivalent of Rupaul’s Drag Race.


“Electro romancer of emotion”, Suzane is a freehanded artist of the new electro music scene. After 15 years of a background in classical dance, she is passionate about the night scenes that feed her projects. With her graceful subtlety and well thought out texts, born of their love for Brel, Piaf, or even Renaud, this young woman’s percussive and catchy rhythm make her a phenomenon that is not to be missed.

Calypso Overkill

The dancing diva of Paris, Calypso is the queen of high energy performances. She is the mother of the House of Stunt, a House specializing in gag-wrothy performances, killer lip-syncs and high energy dance performances. Trust and believe she WILL turn the house down. The champion of Dragathon 2014 and finalist for Reddit’s Lip Sync for Your Life season 3 and all stars 2. She is no amateur.

Sativa Blaze

Sativa Blaze is a mythical creature born from comic books like X-men. She is a witch, a nymph and an alien creature all in one, combining humor with horror, burlesque and glamour harmoniously. She is also the co-creator and host of the most stunning Drag Show of Paris: Drag Me, held every Wednesday of the month at La Mutinerie.


Sativa is a soccer who is NOT to be messed with. #FUGLY

Flora Banksa

Flora Banks is a singer and comedienne, passionate about her showmanship. Originally from he South-West, she grew up in a family of musicians. In particular, she draws inspiration from the great women of Music Hall, and is able to create quick and eclectic vocal performances with a built in theatrical universe. She moved towards stage performing as a teenager, taking great pride in her work and decided to work towards becoming a professional. At 18 years old, Flora faces the world of entertainment with fierceness and pride.

Lukas Abdul

Revealed thanks to the fifth season of the Voice. Song writer, performer and actor at the same time, Lukas Abdul is an artist full of promises. After a few tours in France and in the Middle East, he started to record his first album leading by the record KARMA. He invites you to discover an electro-pop universe tinted with the Orient, taking the narrow path between dynamic urban rhythms and committed texts. In life as on stage, the generosity and the voice of this showman will make you swing between jubilation and melancholy.

Rainbow Symphony Orchestra

The Rainbow orchestra is an LGBTQIH + orchestra composed of musicians of all ages and cultures united by the love of classical music under the stick of the conductor John Dawkins around ambitious, original and quality projects. The RSO is an apolitical association, open to all those who carry its values. Its projects are part of a humanist spirit committed to tolerance and respect for the rights and freedoms of everyone. Carried by a warm atmosphere and varied programming, the RSO regularly performs in Île-de-France and abroad.

The Paris Xclusive House of LaDurée

If the LGBTQ + community continues to struggle against a society that is still too heteronormed, some people play with gender codes. The Ballroom, originally created by and for black and Latin transgender women in the United States, is a refuge that is attracting more and more proud young people to claim their identity. The Paris Xclusive House of LaDurée is a family of talented artists of diverse and diverse origins who actively participate in this struggle. It has been founded by Mother Rheeda and based in Paris since 2013.


Barbi(e)Turix  – DJ RAG

!The queer-feminist collective Barbi(e)Turix has been shaking up stereotypes for over 10 years. They are one of our special guests at the Grand Ball des Fiertés. The creators of lesbian initiative Wet For Me, the biggest lesbian party in Paris, they’re making it lit and dropping it hot with DJ RAG and Nari Fsh.

Bizarre Love Triangle

Bizarre Love Triangle, or BLT, is one of the trendiest Parisian party collectives on the program at the Grand Mal des Fiertés. The DJs are Emmanuel Caurel, Patrick Vidal et Romain Eugène Campens. The DJs of BLT will be there to help make your evening at Hôtel de Ville unforgettable.

La Nuit des Follivores/Crazyvores – DJ WORX

La Nuit des Follivores/Crazyvores is one of the cultist and kitschiest party collectives for the LGBTQ community here in Paris. Come vibrate and get funky with French sounds from the 70s and 80s, as well as the biggest pop dance hits of the 80s and 90s. Manu DJ Worx has worked for more than 10 years at Freedj and is now resident DJ at RAIDD bar. From electro hits to festive and remixed pop, he plays all over France.

Flash Cocotte

Flash Cocotte is a monthly flagship gay party in Paris. They will be performing and present at the Grand Bal des Fiertés. Created in 2007 and featuring trans, gay, lesbian, post queer, unicorns and aliens alive, Flash Cocotte will be here making it lit with their DJs.

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