Omar Didi / President of MAG

Omar has been president of MAG Jeunes LGBT for several years. He created the first branches of the association in the region and is dedicated to improving himself as an advocate for inclusion. He has also worked with UNESCO on inclusive education and access to health for LGBTI+ youth worldwide. He is currently a master’s student in practiced foreign languages and International Relations

Jade Habran / Vice-chairwoman of Mag

The vice-chairwoman of the MAG Jeunes LGBT association, Jade is also its head of public relations. As the association is growing out at a larger scale, she was put in charge of the reviewing of the association statuses and of its internal operation. Since she got involved in the MAG, she launched new dynamics in order to create spaces for young lesbians and make the more visible. She currently studies for a Bachelor degree in Sciences Po Paris.

Frédéric Encroco / Pride Ball Organizer

Frédéric has been involved in the world of LGBT+ organizations for more than fifteen years. For each of the past several years, he has organized a charitable soiree that is unique as it is magical. When we learned we would have the opportunity to host the Pride Ball in l’Hôtel de Ville, it seemed only natural that we should ask Frédéric to organize it. As you will see during the program, and during the soiree in particular, he has created a festive, inclusive experience that is mindful of community’s diversity, and in doing so he has brought legendary artists and organizers together.

Valentin Laval Bertoni / Artistic Director

Valentin was involved in the world of entertainment from a young age before joining a company of nearly 900 volunteers alongside his father, a pioneer of light and sound design. He is a true jack of all trades, playing roles within the association and onstage, all while working in an additional theater company. Thanks to several years of event planning, from intimate soirees to large-scale shows for Disneyland Paris, Valentin is well-equipped to serve as artistic director. He has offered his talent and time to us with great enthusiasm, and MAG Jeunes LGBT is honored to receive his help in organizing the Pride Ball.

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